Vermont Vita-Learn IGNITE Consortium WeVideo Purchase Program

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WeVideo offers a discount rate for schools in the Vermont IGNITE consortium who wish to purchase WeVideo for Schools licenses for Vermont students and educators. Save up to 67% off the retail price when purchasing through Vita-Learn IGNITE. 


  • Easily create videos of any kind. Any learner, any grade, any subject can create from day one!
  • Green screen projects - on any device, including Chromebooks
  • Screen capture (for evidencing, explaining and having fun)
  • Podcasting - with over 200,000 music tracks, sound fx and loops, and as many tracks as you want!
  • Huge stock library. Stop searching Google and search our library! Over 1,000,000 clips, images and audio files - licensed and ready for your learners to add to their creations.


  • Supports education goals: encourages choice and voice, student agency, communication, making thinking visible and sharing for authentic audiences.
  • COPPA & FERPA compliant (because WeVideo for Schools is built for schools)
  • Collaborative. Because working in groups is a future ready skills and takes practice.
  • Cloud based - works on all your devices from Chromebooks, to Windows to Mac to iOS to BYOD. Nothing to download or install. Media is stored and rendered online.
  • Deep Google integration including Drive, Classroom, Docs and domain sync.

Consortium Pricing

Rate is negotiated and saves consortium members up to 67% off retail. Please note price increases for the next two years. Lock in your price this year with a 2 or 3 year subscription. This multi-year offer is only valid for this 2019 purchasing window.

Single Year Plans:

2019-2020 term: $3.00 per seat: 30 seat minimum, annual license

2020-2021 term: $3.50 per seat: 30 seat minimum, annual license

2021-2022  term: $4.00 per seat: 30 seat minimum, annual license

Save 8% with a Two Year Plan:

2019-2021 term: $6.00 per seat:  30 seat minimum, two  year subscription

Save 17% with a Three Year Plan

2019-2022 term: $9.00 per seat:  30 seat minimum, three year subscription


Purchasing Instructions and FAQ

Negotiated consortium rate: 

  • $3.00 per seat, 30 seats minimum, annual plan. (MSRP $9.97 per seat)
  • $6.00 per seat, 30 seats minimum, two-year plan - 2019 offer only
  • $9.00 per seat, 30 seats minimum, three-year plan - 2019 offer only
Consortium Term:
  • The 2019-2020 consortium will run from September 1, 2019 until August 31, 2020. Depending on their date of purchase, new participants can get early access of up to 4 months. (See Opt-in Period section below)
Opt-in Period:
  • Vermont K-12 and higher education institutions can opt into the consortium on any date between May 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 (“Opt-in Period”). Access is valid for up to 16 months - from your date of purchase (on or after May 1, 2019) until August 31, 2020.
Purchasing Process:
  • Please complete a purchase order (PO) for the number of licenses requested and email it to and
  • Purchase Orders should be made out to:

WeVideo, Inc.

1975 W El Camino Real, Suite 202

Mountain View, CA 94040 

  • Please scan and send to and use the subject “PO for Vermont Consortium”. Once your PO is processed, WeVideo will contact you with confirmation. In addition to the attached PO, the email must include:
  • The number of licenses you are buying (minimum of 30);
  • The super-admin the account should be provisioned to (account owner’s name and email address);
  • The email address of the communication contact for this account (if different from account owner);
  • Accounts Payable contact (first name, last name, and email);
  • Any other pertinent billing or subscription information.


  • WeVideo will bill schools directly. Schools that need an invoice prior to, or deferred from, the period between July 1 and August 31 should clearly indicate their request on their invoice and the interest survey. Unless indicated otherwise, WeVideo purchase orders and invoices will be processed starting May 1, 2019.  Renewals will be for 12 months (Sept. 1, 2019 until Aug. 31, 2020) and processed in 2019. 

WeVideo company information:



WeVideo, Inc.

1975 W El Camino Real, Suite 202

Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone: (650) 800-3400

Fax: (408) 819-9441

Consortium Contact:



Q: Who can purchase?

A: Vermont K-12  institutions: $3.00 per seat (30-seat minimum).

Q: What if I am renewing an existing subscription?

A: Please follow the same purchasing process outlined above. You are not required to maintain the same number of seats as last year. As a renewing customer, you get access for the entire consortium term: 9/1/19-8/31/20.

Q: Can I add seats midway through the consortium?

A: Yes. The minimum number of seats you can add each time is 20. The price per seat is $3.50. Since the price is already discounted, no pro-rations or additional discounts are available for adding seats midway through the term.

Q: What if we are joining during the year?  Are we invoiced for a partial year?  

A: The opt-in period is between May 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. You can join at any point during that period. In all cases, your subscription will extend until August 31, 2020 and you will be invoiced for the full amount. As such, the earlier you join the longer you will have WeVideo access. The negotiated consortium rate is extremely discounted, necessitating that all renewals be due on the same date for the entire state.

Q: What if we want to join after December 31, 2019?

A: The consortium opt-in period for the 2019-2020 term will be closed effective on Jan. 1, 2020. At that stage, you will have a choice: purchase seats at the full, non-discounted rate listed on or wait for the following year's opt-in period to open in May. (WeVideo offers no guarantee that the VT consortium will be extended for another term past Aug. 31, 2020.)

Q: How will we keep track of how many total licenses purchased under this agreement?

A: WeVideo will keep track of this and share a master spreadsheet with IGNITE Vita-Learn for all committed licenses.

Q: What should we do if we already have licenses and want to become part of the consortium?  Will our current licenses count toward the total?

A: If you are extending your licenses or buying new licenses We Video will issue you a credit for the leftover term of your licenses so that you can immediately get the new consortium level pricing. Schools who already have WeVideo licenses (outside of the consortium) will receive credit for the unused term of their current agreement, and be billed at the new discounted consortium pricing under the terms of this agreement. Please contact WeVideo for more information.