Try the new WeVideo for Schools this summer!

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 What’s new in WeVideo beta?

Streamline your class workflow

  • Add classes, manage students and organize classwork
  • Assign student projects and review their work in WeVideo

A better student experience

  • Create with a simplified editor
  • Turn in assignments with one click

Be part of something bigger

Your feedback not only helps make WeVideo better, it helps make an impact in classrooms around the world. Together, we can empower students to learn more deeply and creatively through video. Join us! πŸ’œ

Requirements to be a WeVideo beta tester

  • Must be a passionate educator who wants to give meaningful feedback to WeVideo
  • Be available for at least one week between July 1- August 31
  • Be willing to provide feedback via email, video call, community forum with other testers, and/or in person

How to apply:

Submit your application by Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Get notified of acceptance by Monday, July 8, 2019.