Professional Learning with WeVideo

Media creation is a powerful vehicle for deeper learning. WeVideo Professional Learning workshops enable you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, promote student-centered learning, and build digital storytelling capacity among educators across all academic subject areas. Depending on the scope of your WeVideo implementation, available options range from introductory webinars to exclusive online and on-site workshops for teachers and trainers.

On-Site Workshops Exclusive Online Workshops
 Customized professional learning workshop at your school or district for up to 20 participants  Live, interactive webinar workshop, customized to your needs. Up to 20 participants per session

 $2500 per day (per cohort of 20)

 $350 per 70 minute session
(per cohort of 20)

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Available Topics

WeVideo getting started workshops for teachers

  • Classroom Management: Creating | Organizing | Managing
  • Media Management: Uploading | Managing | Sharing
  • Setting up your Creative Environment: Project Types | Collaboration | Providing Feedback
  • Editing Basics: Editing Modes | Essential Features | and more …
  • Advanced Editing: Flipped Classroom | Green Screen | and more …
  • Google Apps and Google Classroom Workflows
  • Showcasing Videos: Playing | Curating | Sharing | and more …

WeVideo getting started workshops for trainers

  • The WeVideo Ecosystem: web | iOS | Android | Drive
  • Setup: Domain Sync | Importing Users
  • Managing Users: User Roles | Adding/Removing Members
  • Customizing Your Environment: Settings | Gallery | Media
  • Classroom Management: Understanding Groups and Projects
  • Editing: Utilizing the unlimited storage to organize and share resources
  • Integrations: Google Drive | YouTube | Vimeo | and more

Digital Storytelling Workshop

  • The Video Creation process
  • Story: Building your Narrative Arc
  • Planning Your Video Shoot: Storyboarding | Equipment | Scheduling
  • Sound, Camera, Action: Framing | Angles | Lighting | Directing | and more …
  • Making the Right Cut: Continuity | Pacing | B-Roll | Editing Tricks | and more …
  • Revisioning and Submitting Completed Projects